Sponsor Opportunities

by beheerder


The IAF’s 36th World Fashion Convention and EURATEX’s 9th European Textile & Apparel Convention offer excellent opportunities for sponsors looking to connect with IAF’s and/or EURATEX’s extensive networks. The event will draw substantial media attention in the local, national and international (trade) press. It provides an excellent networking platform for meeting, interacting and transacting business with international, European and local experts, speakers and delegates. Both the IAF and EURATEX events have a strong track record of well attended, high level events, featuring world class conference programs and speakers and high quality, well appreciated social events.

Sponsors have the options of sponsoring the IAF event, the EURATEX event and thanks to the back-to-back arrangement of the IAF and EURATEX events sponsors are also given the opportunity to sponsor both events for a small premium on top of the sponsorship of one event. Joint IAF and EURATEX sponsors will be recognized in all joint communication in addition to the individual communication by IAF and EURATEX. A large component of the delegates of the IAF and EURATEX events are complementary so the choice to choose the package to sponsor both significantly increases the target audience.

Available Sponsor Packages

Click on the images to view all the available sponsor packages in pdf-format.

Should you be interested in sponsoring in the 36th IAF World Fashion Convention, the 9th European Textile & Apparel Convention or Convention Antwerp as a whole, please send an e-mail to Matthijs Crietee.

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