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The theme of the IAF Convention is ‘Transition of the Global Fashion System’ with transition being the operative word. The theme recognizes the fact that the demand from societies and from consumers, the restraints posed by the earth’s ecosystem and the possibilities offered by technology converge to create a necessity for rapid change. The pandemic really pressed home the point that merely adapting is not enough in 2021. The massive demand crisis caused by the pandemic exacerbated the structural problems that were already visible, as witnessed by multiple bankruptcies of large established retailers and brands before the pandemic.

New successful companies based on entirely different business models shape the industry’s transition, as do existing companies embarking on bold programs of change. Technology, particularly digitalization, plays a key role, as does better buyer-supplier collaboration. Transition will not involve the industry alone but requires all in the entire fashion ecosystem to work together. It requires a good and close collaboration with governments, creating regulatory environments that are supporting transition without stifling entrepreneurial drive. Educational institutes are engines of transition not only by training new employees, but also by actively nurturing new business.

Key message

This convention is a unique fashion industry event bringing together the entire global industry ecosystem to hear high level industry insights and to jointly discuss concrete actions involving the entire industry ecosystem to create faster industry transition.






Welcome to the Antwerp Convention! 

COVID-19 has shaken the foundations of the textiles, apparel and fashion industry. Global supply chains have been disrupted, retailers are restructuring their sourcing options, consumer behaviour is changing. At the same time, public authorities are introducing new environmental standards, and digitalisation is rapidly changing the nature of our business.

To understand above mentioned trends and address its impact on our industry, the International Apparel Federation (IAF) and the European Confederation of Apparel and Textiles (EURATEX) have decided to organise a double convention:

IAF and EURATEX cordially invite representatives from the industry, but also public authorities, NGOs and academia to join us in Antwerp, to provide an answer to these challenges, but also to meet again – after so much time – to share ideas and develop new business opportunities.

Both events will take place in the beautiful city of Antwerp, Belgium, in the same venue (the Hilton Antwerp City Centre), thus allowing participants to benefit from that back-to-back programme, if they wish so.

On this website, you will find details on the IAF and EURATEX programs as well as practical information to register and book your hotel.

Let’s meet again, on 7-9 November in Antwerp!

Registration open now!

As of 30 May 2021, the registration for Convention Antwerp is open! By clicking on the button below, you may purchase entry tickets for either the 36th IAF World Fashion Convention, the 9th European Textile & Apparel Convention or for a combination of both. We look forward to welcoming you in November 2021!

Sponsor opportunities

The IAF’s 36th World Fashion Convention and EURATEX’s 9th European Textile & Apparel Convention offer excellent opportunities for sponsors looking to connect with IAF’s and/or EURATEX’s extensive networks. The event will draw substantial media attention in the local, national and international (trade) press. It provides an excellent networking platform for meeting, interacting and transacting business with international, European and local experts, speakers and delegates. Both the IAF and EURATEX events have a strong track record of well attended, high level events, featuring world class conference programs and speakers and high quality, well appreciated social events.

Click here for the overview of sponsor possibilities.