by Dunja Hoejenbos

GINETEX, the International Association for Textile Care Labelling

First founded in Paris, in 1963, GINETEX has devised an internationally applicable care labelling system for textiles based on symbols and ISO 3758 standard, which aims at informing textile companies and consumers on the best way to care for their textiles.

The pictograms used are registered trademarks and are property of GINETEX.

GINETEX promotes these symbols worldwide and coordinates its technical contents on a global scale – which is essential for the definition and application of the care labelling code. Today, GINETEX counts 22 member-countries.

 *Third GINETEX-IPSOS Barometer “Europeans & textile care labelling – 2021”, extending the life of textiles and reducing climate impact

Highly concerned by the way consumers could reduce climate impact when doing their laundry; GINETEX developed an internationally applicable logo for sustainable care, called®, provides consumers with the option to care for their textiles in a greener and more sustainable manner. Available online, in 23 languages, the website offers advices and tips to develop the right cleaning habits on a daily basis, while also respecting the care symbols on textile labels.

In GINETEX/IPSOS barometer 2021, 55% of respondents would consider visiting the website soon, to find out about the simple and accessible steps to textile eco-care:

  • Wash clothes only when necessary
  • Reduce the washing temperature to reduce your energy consumption
  • Favour natural drying for your laundry
  • Use professional cleaning when recommended

Textile and apparel companies are following this GINETEX initiative – ambassadors

MY CARE LABEL – The new GINETEX consumer application

To help international consumers become familiar with these care symbols and logo, GINETEX has developed a mobile application: “MY CARE LABEL”. This new mobile application, now launched internationally by GINETEX, helps users to take care of their clothes on a daily basis. On top of explaining the care symbols of all existing textiles, MY CARE LABEL also provides tips and advices to consumers to clean and take care of their textiles while also caring for the planet.


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